ByteHouse and AWS collaborate to revolutionise Web3 analytics with innovative SaaS solution for customer KSAM

ByteHouse and AWS together onboarded a premier customer, KSAM, a leader in Web 3.0

Aug 11, 2023


ByteHouse, in a groundbreaking collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), proudly announced the onboarding of its premier customer, KSAM. This partnership underscores the transformative potential of combining ByteHouse’s deep expertise in data warehousing technologies with AWS’s robust infrastructure.

KSAM, a leading Web3 N-analysis company, operates across 10 chains, analysing up to 30 billion rows of data for OLAP analysis. As a decentralised application marketplace data and analysis hub, KSAM provides real-time analytics to the rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem, offering invaluable insights into user activity, transaction volume, and more.

In their quest for a solution that addresses challenges such as lack of customisability, difficulties in data aggregation, and data flow instability, KSAM recognised the unparalleled advantages of ByteHouse. Their transition was motivated by:

1. Enhanced Security: ByteHouse’s integration with AWS's private link solution ensures top-tier security, eliminating the need for public networks.

2. Technical Flexibility: ByteHouse has outstanding technical flexibility, offering superior adaptability compared to other market solutions.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: Leveraging AWS's private link, KSAM can realise significant savings, especially critical with large data volumes.

4. Seamless Integration: ByteHouse's seamless integration with AWS's key data components guarantees efficient data management and analysis.

The results speak volumes. Test experiments highlighted that ByteHouse's solution could handle 99% of requests within a remarkable 400ms, without compromising on query performance.

Yaqi Ding, Solution Architect for ByteHouse, remarked, "Our collaboration with AWS and the success with KSAM is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and resilience of our team. Navigating complex technical challenges, we remained steadfast, proving our commitment to excellence."

Echoing this sentiment, Xie Bai Zhen from AWS stated, "Our success with this initiative reflects our in-depth grasp of KSAM's unique needs, proactive planning, and flawless cross-departmental coordination. Mastery over the Web3 domain, combined with our data management prowess, allowed us to offer a holistic solution."

This pioneering venture between ByteHouse and AWS sets a new industry benchmark, reimagining the landscape of Web3 NFT cross-chain analysis. It heralds a promising era of technological innovation and the myriad successes awaiting exploration.

Explore the transformative potential ByteHouse can bring to your global business endeavors. Visit ( or reach out to your AWS account manager to embark on your ByteHouse journey.

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