ByteHouse is part of ByteDance, a global technology platform dedicated to creating innovations solutions to entertainment, collaboration, education, and business operations.
ByteDance R&D teams have developed ByteHouse technologies for years based on open source DBMS ClickHouse (ClickHouse is a trademark of ClickHouse, Inc.) with custom optimisations.
ByteHouse provides lightning-fast data warehousing products and solutions for fast and cost-effective data analytics, delivering significant lift on data compression, speed, and scalability with multiple deployment options and low maintenance.

Addressing Top Data Challenges

ByteDance data teams have designed and developed ByteHouse to counter top data challenges including:
Data isolation with multiple data sources
High data latency
Rising cost
Complex data analytics operations
Popular use cases of ByteHouse include streaming analytics, OLAP events and log processing, A/B experimentation, reporting, deep data analysis, AI and ML practices, etc.
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