ByteHouse supercharges Lilith Games' success with real-time data warehousing

ByteHouse's real-time change data capture accelerates Lilith Games' towards success

Aug 14, 2023

Lilith Games, a renowned game company founded in 2013 and based in Shanghai, China, has gained recognition for its global game development and distribution prowess. With a commitment to delivering high-quality game content and fostering innovation in the gaming industry, Lilith Games boasts many best-selling products worldwide and continues to expand into new markets.

In a recent collaboration, Lilith Games joined forces with ByteHouse to speed up the construction of real-time data warehouses. This strategic alliance harnesses ByteHouse’s cutting-edge technology and features to bolster Lilith Games’ advertising operations and analytics.

Customer pain points

Previously, Lilith Games utilised a competing data warehousing solution for ad delivery and advertising operations analysis within China, alongside an open-source cluster for global ad operations. Unfortunately, these processes encountered challenges, including timeout issues in cross-month and cross-quarter queries, OOM (Out of Memory) errors, lack of support for large table associations, and poor real-time data synchronisation from MySQL sources.

The ByteHouse advantage

ByteHouse’s core cloud data warehouse product provides tailored solutions to address Lilith Games’ pain points effectively.

  1. Real-time data synchronisation: ByteHouse’s MaterializedMySQL feature ensures real-time synchronisation of Lilith Games’ business data from MySQL or PolarDB MySQL to the ByteHouse platform. With visual management tools and robust exception handling capabilities, one-click synchronisation becomes hassle-free, reducing costs and operational workload. The unique HaUniqueMergeTree table engine supports real-time updates, partial column updates, and data deduplication, streamlining real-time data management.

  2. Enhanced query optimisation: ByteHouse’s self-developed query optimiser fills the gap in ClickHouse’s support for complex query capabilities. Featuring RBO and CBO, distributed plan optimisation, and advanced capabilities like Dynamic Filter pushdown and cost-based CTE, the optimiser achieves significant performance improvements. This empowers Lilith Games with over three times faster complex query analysis for advertising operations, supporting query time spans from months to over a year.

  3. Simplified visualisations and operations: ByteHouse offers user-friendly visualisation and operational features, simplifying complex tasks. Cluster management, monitoring and alerts, health assessment, permission management, parameter configuration, data management, and interface-based scaling ensure streamlined and cost-efficient operations for Lilith Games.

  4. Empowering advertising operations analysis: Through the partnership with ByteHouse, Lilith Games has built a powerful OLAP engine for their advertising operations analysis platform. The real-time processing of massive ad delivery and log data enables high-performance calculations, enabling real-time statistical and attribution analysis. This facilitates agile advertising strategies and enhances acquisition efficiency.

  5. Data-driven decision making: Detailed cost and performance analysis facilitated by ByteHouse empowers Lilith Games to fine-tune management and operations. By gaining deeper insights into market demands and improving collaboration efficiency and transparency, the company has achieved a competitive advantage in the gaming industry.

ByteHouse’s robust data capabilities offer Lilith Games a reliable foundation for real-time data warehousing and analytics. This partnership fosters the development of innovative solutions in advertising operations analysis and beyond, cementing Lilith Games’ position as a leading player in the gaming industry. Together, ByteHouse and Lilith Games are poised to revolutionise the field of real-time data warehousing and drive greater efficiency and innovation.

About Lilith Games

Lilith Games is a Chinese game development and games publishing company, founded in Shanghai in 2013 under the formal name Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd. Many of its games were successful internationally, such as the mobile RPG games Soul Hunters (2014), Art of Conquest (2017), and Rise of Kingdoms (2018). After launching the fantasy role-playing titles AFK Arena and Dislyte on mobile platforms, Lilith entered the Top 4 of highest-earning Chinese game companies.

About ByteHouse

ByteHouse, developed by ByteDance, is a lightning-fast, cost-efficient, easy to use data platform with a next generation MPP architecture and compute-storage separation. It can consume and query both batch and real-time data within seconds. ByteHouse offers smooth, dynamic elasticity and scalable computing, and helps save costs by providing automatic resume and suspend, efficient compression, and pay-as-you-go pricing. ByteHouse can query several sources of data directly, including S3 data, making it the single source of truth. Combined with near-zero maintenance and easy, true SaaS setup, ByteHouse is the perfect solution for all modern data warehousing needs.

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